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Estimated Study and Living Cost in Norway for Pakistani Students 2023

norway study and living cost for Pakistani students

Norwegian universities invest in you when you apply there as a student by offering quality education, so you can say studying in Norway is an investment in your future. On this page you will know 

Tuition Fees For Non- European or Pakistani Students In Norwegian Universities

Before today, international students were studying in Norwegian universities without paying any tuition fee. But from the autumn semester 2023, Norwegian government has announced to charge a tuition fee from the students coming outside the Norway. So the applicants applying for any degree program starting in 2023 should be prepared to pay the tuition fees. Students are exempted from tuition fee if

  • Going to start their study in Norway as an exchange student

  • They are enrolled and studying in Norwegian universities before 2023 (means in a 2nd year of their degree program)

  • They have Switzerland and European nationality

Norway is a high cost country so the students must have enough money to cover their living expenses. To study in Norwegian university, you have to pay for the followings

  • Annual Tuition fees

  • Semester fees

  • Living Cost (accommodation, utility bills, grocery, clothing, food)

  • Travel to Norway fee (flight booking)

  • Visa fees

Estimated Annual Tuition Fee In Norwegian Universities 

Here is a range of estimated tuition fee described to international students who are going to enroll in different degree programs in 2023.

Degree Program 

Estimated Annual Tuition Fee (NOK)

Undergraduate degree program (Bachelors)

80,000 – 160,000

Master’s degree program 

150,000 – 230,000

PhD degree program 

120,000 – 260,000

There is slight variation in professional degree programs as Norwegian universities charge a little bit high fee for medicine, clinical nutrition, dentistry, pharmacy and psychology compare to other subjects degree programs. International students have to pay annually 300,000 – 500,000 to Norwegian university as tuition fees for professional study program.

Semester Fee To Pay

Norwegian universities also charge a semester fee from students for administrative purposes, though it is not as much high as tuition fees but at the start of every semester students have to pay 1000- 2000 NOK to university.

Living Cost For Pakistani Students In Norway 2023

The average monthly living cost in Norway as an international student comprises of accommodation, books, other studying supplies, transportation cost, food and utilities. Average living cost of Norway is quite higher than other European countries but still, the Norway standards of living and quality of life is the reward.

The average monthly living cost of an international student in some of the main cities of Norway goes around

  • Oslo: NOK 11500 – NOK 19300

  • Bergen: NOK 10600 – NOK 17300

  • Tromso and Trondheim: NOK 9600 – NOK 15400

And other smaller cities have an monthly average cost of around NOK 7700 – NOK 9600

Flight and Visa Cost for Pakistani students

Pakistani students have to obtain a study permit before travelling to Norway. The cost of student visa is charged as 5900 NOK one time with service fee of 138 NOK.

The price rate for flight is vary depend on the airlines, class of booking and time, you must have an update about the fares charged by different airlines. 


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