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Latest Jobs 2023 in Norway for Pakistani Students

jobs in norway full time and part time for Pakistani students

Although studying in Norway is free for all, yet living in Norway is proportionally expensive. Therefore students need some extra cash to afford their living in Norway. International students can work in Norway; however, Non-EU students are not allowed to do work in unlimited hours. There is, in fact, a policy with limited hours for these international students to work in Norway.


Work While Studying in Norway

International students require a residence permit to stay in Norway for the completion of their degree program. After getting your Student Residence Permit you will be also be granted a part-time work permit which allows you to work while studying in Norway for up to 20 hours a week, which will help you to earn some bucks to cover your expenses and increase your budget as there is no tuition fees in Norwegian Public Universities but, it’s a fact that cost of living is quite expensive compared to other European countries.


Significance of Norwegian Language

On the other hand, it is quite difficult to find a part-time job in Norway because of the language barrier, although Norwegian’s English skills are good enough and some of the jobs will prefer employees with certain level of Norwegian Language, but most of them requires certain proficiency in Norwegian language, that’s why it is advisable to learn Norwegian language as soon as possible.


Non-EU Students

Non-EU students can work up to 20 hours a week. The work permit, however, will not be automatically renewed when renewing your Student Residence Permit. Satisfactory progress is required to renew your work permit which will proved by a progress report provided by your institution.


Part-Time Wages in Norway 2023 for International Students

If you are working part-time as a student, your employers will hire you on the minimum wage, which is around NOK 120 per hour approximately PKR 2,220 and working 20 hours a week you will be able to earn around PKR 44,400.


Latest Job Opportunities 2023 for International Students in Norway

Having a certain skill level of Norwegian language you can get a part-time job in local stores, malls, cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shop etc. Even though you can look for a job within your institution e.g. gym or cafes within the campus, or even, if you are good enough in English so you can look for an assisting job in your institution English language or writing course.


Latest Jobs Opportunities for Graduates in Norway 2023

As an International student from non-EU country, you have to leave the country as your course ends, but you can stay if you get a work permit. You can apply for a work permit after you receive a confirmation letter of your job from the employer. you can also apply for a Job Seeking Visa which allows you to stay in Norway for one year to search for a job proving that you have sufficient funds to support your living expenses for one year.

There’s a lot of job opportunities in Norway as it is one of the most developing country and has a lot of multi-national companies. The gas and petroleum fields are the major factors in country’s economy plus it is one the major centre for maritime technology and international centre for aquaculture, shipping and sub-sea technology.


How to get a Work Visa of Norway

You can apply for work visa application form through  Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) website, or you can visit and get further information from Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad.

The Norwegian work visa fee is around NOK 3,500 which is around PKR 64,750. The documents required for application are.

  • Valid passport.

  • Complete application and checklist of documents provided.

  • Paid application fee receipt.

  • Details of qualification.

  • CV.

  • Job confirmation letter.

  • Proof of your residence in Norway.

In some conditions you also need to explain your proposed working situation and current condition, e.g. you’ll work less than full-time or for more than one employer.


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