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Permanent Residency in Norway Updated Guideline for Pakistani Students 2024

norway criteria of apply citizenship for Pakistani students

Norwegian government doesn’t allow the international students to stay there after completing a degree program. So students have to come back home country after their graduation. Other option that they can consider to stay and get permanent residency in Norway is

Completing three to five years as a worker in Norway

This is possible through following pathways

  • Apply for a job seeker residence permit during last semester of your studies

  • Job seeker visa will allow your stay for 6 months, during this period find a job

  • After finding a job in Norway you can apply for work visa and stay for up to 5 years in Norway

  • In this way, you can complete your three year residence period as a worker in Norway and apply for permanent residency.

Requirements To Apply For Permanent Residency In Norway

  • Pay the fee of 3800 NOK

  • Must have a prove of your stay in Norway from last three years

  • Must hold a residence permit

  • Must have enough money to stay in Norway for 12 months (you must have to show proof of your own bank statement)

  • No criminal record in your previous stay period in Norway

  • Norwegian language test with minimum A1 level

How To Apply For Permanent Residency In Norway

  • You have to submit an online application for permanent residency by using email and visit immigration office to submit following documents in hand of person 

  • Signed signature application form (getting through email after submitting online application)

  • A copy of all used passport pages

  • List of time spend in Norway (you will fill this information while filling online application)

  • Document stating that you are working in Norway from last 12 months with 278693 NOK slaray (this will be submitted by Norwegian Tax Administration)

  • Police clearance certificate with no criminal record 

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