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Study abroad in Denmark for Pakistani students

Now, study abroad has become the latest trend. Traveling abroad for study purpose has now become an accessible option. But there are too many options or study abroad destinations have faced picking. But, which could be the best one? It is the question every student takes with great consciousness.

But do not worry at all, because, here we exist to assist you. We have studied at high and low and we have become satisfied to inform you why Denmark could be the best choice for you. During a survey about Study in Denmark, there are many reasonable reviews we have got and some majors out of these are listed below:

1. Amazing Danish LifeStyle

Denmark offers you an amazing lifestyle because out of the happiest countries of the world Denmark occupies the 1st position. All the people are legally resident there. 40% to 65% of inhabitants of Denmark believe on paying their dues including taxes as a common good for a country.  So, as living there in Denmark you can get a safe, healthy and happy environment.

2. A Surprising Education System Is Waiting For You

Among the best things of the education system in Denmark, the one is that students are offered with small groups of studies instead of fully packed classrooms. Internationally oriented and research combined teaching system offers by many of the Danish Universities. In such a way students get the chances to gain practical skills and they are also provided the connections for jobs in the future.  

3. The rate of International Students In Denmark

Throughout the world, there are thousands of students every year appear in Denmark for getting enrollment in the worlds’ top-rated universities in Denmark. According to recent surveys in 2017 the rate of international students has confirmed which is given below:


International Students

Short Cycle Higher Education


Vocational Bachelors educations


Bachelors Programs


Masters Programs


4. Top Rated Universities in denmark for Pakistani Students 

According to Times Higher Education ranking, 2019 and QS University Ranking 2019 Danish Universities grab reasonable positions or rank. Following is the list of top Danish universities in Worlds’ ranking.


Times Higher Education Ranking (2019)

QS Ranking (2019)

Best Global Universities Ranking (2019)

University of Copenhagen




Aarhus University




Technical University of Denmark (DTU)




Aalborg University




Copenhagen Business School (CBS)




5. Students Get Social Life

Foreign students in Denmark involve in more social interactions than that of others study abroad destinations around the world. You can expect regular meetings on Campus-based. Social activates are there in numbers including naked runs and boat races etc. Themed parties including Friday bars also organize by the Universities themselves. For getting more socialize life we will recommend the following three out of the best Danish Universities:

  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

  • Aalborg University

  • Roskilde University

6. Scholarships and Funding in Denmark for Pakistani Students 

According to the base of studies origins, there is a number of scholarships and funding programs annually offer to international students. This is the reason Denmark is also considered as the international students’ friendly country. At the time of admission application also take the reviews of scholarships program offered by Danish Universities.

The University of Copenhagen is best in offering Governmental Scholarships or funding programs to international students.

7. A Way to Experience Wild Life

Denmark is the best habitat of rare animals including wolves, elk, boars, and brown bears etc. The country also offers the best habitat to different kinds of rodents including rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, and the European polecat. There are nearly 300 species of birds exist in Denmark. Under such a situation, you can experience amazing wildlife there as living in Denmark.

However, there are animal sciences programs also offered by the Danish universities. So, it could be the best place for those who love nature and are going to commence animal science studies.

8. A Place of Events and Festivals

A historic event The Ribe International Viking Market celebrates annually in May in Denmark. It offers knowledge about the ways used to live by Vikings for hundreds of years ago. Aalborg Carnival is another historical and the largest event celebrates by Danish people. The events celebrate annually in the streets close to Aalborg University.

Danish culture also replete with other amazing and cultural events. So, as living there you will go through a fine and history-rich culture.

9. Exotic Food Culture

The Country’s unique food culture is another main reason to move to Denmark for study purpose. Junket crumble or ymerdrys are the best things for breakfast. This breakfast consists of smashed rye bread mixed with brown sugar. Other delicious cuisines for lunch and dinnertime you can get. On the traditional events, there are tasty and yummy foods are offered to eat.

10. Career Opportunity in Denmark for Pakistanis 

Denmark offers great love to foreigners. There are a lot of career opportunities it offers to international students. it has seen that from graduates for Danish universities 88% people return back to seek career opportunities in Danish.

Through this high interest of the students, you can take the idea about the career opportunities offered by Danish land. All these reasons or facts enable one to call Denmark as the best study abroad destination. 

Top rated universities.

Excellent educational system.

More scholarship grants.

Affordable housing and living cost.

Happiest country in world.

Undergraduate Postgraduate 
FA/Fsc or A levels certificate FA/Fsc or A levels certificate
Danish language or English language proficiency according to your selected program.  Undergraduate degree for graduate admission or Graduate degree in an appropriate subject for postgraduate admission
Photocopy of your passport or id card Danish language or English language proficiency according to your selected program. 
--- Statement of purpose
--- references
--- Photocopy of your passport or id card


  • Letter of admission approval. 

  • Proof of language proficiency.

  • Receipt of payment in college for admission.

  • Statement of purpose.

  • Photocopy of all previous educational records.

  • Recent picture and other proof of your identity.

  • Complete student visa application form.

  • Bank statement with sufficient fund.

In Denmark mostly, the admissions deadline is mid of march and you can fill all the admission requirements before July. whereas the course starts in august or September. However, some universities take some additional intakes in Jan. or Feb. And the application forms are available mostly on the universities site before 2 months of deadline of admissions.

  • Yes, you can get a scholarship in Denmark if you are determined. Some scholarships are:

  • The Danish government scholarships under the Cultural agreements.

  • Erasmus Mundus scholarship programs in Denmark.

  • Danish government scholarships for highly qualified Non-EU/EEA students.

  • IIT university of Copenhagen state scholarships.

  • Danish government scholarship at university of Denmark.

For more scholarships click here:

Mostly international students’ priorities to study in English language. So good news is as an international student in Denmark you can choose between more then 700-degree programmes And 1300 courses taught entirely in English. But if your first language is not English you have to prove your English language proficiency.

  • Cheapest degrees fee lies between: 6000 EUR/year.

  • Average annual tuition: 12000 to 15000 EUR/Year.

  • Highly specialized courses can reach over: 35000 EUR/Year

Mostly Denmark universities do not have a tradition for on-campus housing. Mostly students live in Student halls of residences situated some distance from campus but it is not the point to worry Because accommodation in Denmark for students is affordable.

Mostly English taught higher educational programs in Denmark requires a high standard of English.So, yes IELTS or TOFFEL is required.

  • Accept your letter.

  • Enroll in your courses.

  • Pay your admission fee.

  • Get your student visa.

Yes, as an international student you have a right to hold the job while studying. As well as you can also avail the opportunity to seek full time employment after your completion of studies.

Denmark is the happiest and strong country to live and study. After your higher education Denmark provide you many opportunities to boost you career and work experience.  For job after educationyou must have a work permit. however, student residence PR includes additional 6 months residence after the end of study so that you can find your employment easily. And the best advise is to stay and get job in will really affect in a good way to your career.

Yes, but after continuously 8 years of living in Denmark a person can apply for permanent PR or citizenship.

Copenhagen Business School CBS PhD Scholarships at Department of Operations Management, 2019 For PhD in the fields of Social Sciences Apply by 05 Jun 2019
PhD award in Luminescence Dating for International Students, Denmark For PhD in the fields of Social Sciences Apply by 28 May 2019
Zonta Denmark s PhD funding for International Female Students in Denmark For PhD in the fields of Social Sciences Apply by 15 Jul 2019

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