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  • +92 309 4420900
  • 70 LGF Central Plaza, Barkat Market? New Garden Town Lahore, 54000

Why Choose ASN Consultants?


ASN Consultants provide one on one personalized consultancy services. You will be talking to a knowledgeable consultant, who is qualified from Canada and understands variety of questions you might have to study abroad. Your case will not be delegated to someone else. You will receive trustworthy and reliable advice about selection of country, university and study program. Here, feel free to have detailed discussion about your future endeavors, we welcome each and every question. You are interested in Study visa Canada, Study visa Australia or want to do MBBS abroad at very affordable cost, you want to study with IELTS or without IELTS, we have study options for you and every other student with different budget.

Study in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Multiple disciplines are available including Medicine, Engineering, Law, Computer Science, Business and Hotel Management etc. Get help from Canada Qualified Canada Visa Consultant. You will receive genuine and fair assessment.



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ASN Consultants

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Farhan LiaQuat
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"i want to study in Australia without bank statement I'm 12 passed & can i apply "
Nimra Akram
5 review
"Always available and supportive"
Ahmed Shafique
5 review
"Very good experience"

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