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Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships Scholarships For Pakistani Students

What is Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS) program?

Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS) program is a funding program offered by the Government of Scotland in collaboration with Scottish Universities. This funding program is managed by the contribution of British Council and the Higher Education Sector of Scotland. The aim to offer this scholarship program is to support the brilliant and deserving students to make a good flight in their further study career. This scholarship program is available for the students of nationalities including USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, China and Hong Kong etc. This scheme offers several awards with each award £2000 to £8000 to the students for one year study program in postgraduate studies. Following is the description to earn the scholarship program from Scottish Government.  

Importance/Value of This Scholarship Program:

Before the question will birth into your mind about the importance and benefits of Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship program. We are delightfully going to explore the importance/benefits of this scholarship program:

  • This scholarship program build to promote the interest of ambitious scholars in the field of technologies, sciences, energy resources and financial services.

  • Besides these sciences and technologies fields, there are other fields including Humanities, arts, culture, music, media, communication, architecture and some other related will also get an enhancement worldwide through this program.

  • This scholarship program will help to make the cultural, political, lingual and some other ideas broader.

  • Candidates who will apply for this program also be able to do work as living abroad.

  • Study abroad opportunity will also bestows you a chance to get knowledge about new skills and new philosophy which make your resume more attractive and valuable.

  • Every year there are almost 200 deserving students are entertained with this scholarship program.   

Eligibility Criteria:

Yes we know that after knowing about the scholarship program and its benefits/importance you are surely thinking about the application procedure. So, let us describe about the application procedure. All the candidates are to be informed that following requirements or eligibilities are required to apply or win this scholarship program. 

  • Students who are willing to apply for this scholarship program must have an offer or invitation letter from the university which is collaborative with this scholarship program.

  • Applicants must show their previous or required degrees for applying the scholarship program.   

  • Applicants who are going to apply for full time studies are eligible to apply.

  • Applicants of the above mentioned countries or areas are allowed to apply for this scholarship program.

  • Applicants are asked to show the ability to fulfill the living and other costs while study in Scotland.  

  • Applicants who are going to apply for the above mentioned courses or study areas are allowed to apply.

  • Applicants who are going to apply for the following mentioned study programs will get priority:

  • Creative industries

  • Financial services

  • Life sciences

  • Renewable and clean energy

  • Technology

Non Eligibility:

  • Applicants who completed their undergraduate degree from Scotland are not eligible to apply for this program.

  • Applicants who will not possess their previous degree will not be able to get the scholarship.

  • Candidates who previously received any kind of grant through Scotland’s Saltire funding program will not be able to apply. 

  • Incomplete applications or applications after due date will not be entertain with scholarship award.

  • Applicants who are going to apply for part time or short term study are not able to apply.

  • Online students, Distance learner and course delivered are not allowed to apply.

Scholarship Award

Following is the description about the scholarship award that is announced by Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS):

  • Scholarship through Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS) program will cover the tuition fee for the entire session of study.

  • Scholarship will not cover the personal expenses of the candidates

  • Scholarship will not cover the living expenses and accommodation of the candidates

  • Scholarship will not cover the charges of spouse/child and travelling.

  • For further detail students can contact freely to the institute or the department of Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS).

How to Apply:  

At the end there is a complete procedure is described through which the students can apply an application form for Scotland’s Saltier scholarship program. Applicants will go through the following procedure to apply for this program:

  • Applicants will send their dully filled application for directly to the email address of Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS) program

  • Applicants before going to apply for the scholarship must apply at the University which is collaborative with Scotland’s Saltier Scholarship (SSS) program.

  • Applicants will also check the subject availability before applying for the scholarship program. 

  • Incomplete applications and application after deadline will not be considered.

  • Dates are open in the month of March every year.



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