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Education Fort Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

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Education Fort is a career and education consultancy firm that provides counseling services to students which helps them choose a field in line with their skills and job expectation.

We are experts in providing guidance for both Domestic and Foreign Universities. We advise students to choose the right course based on their interests and place them in a suitable University.


Most of the students are not certain or confident about their career choices, It is vital for students to choose a suitable career keeping in mind his/her interest and future goals.
Unfortunately, most of the students are not able to identify their potential, this is when pressure accumulates. In this situation, the role of an experienced career counselor originates, who can help in discovering student potential and suggest the right career path. Due to immense competition, the importance of career counseling has increased a lot, students have realized that they should explore other fields as well apart from medical and engineering courses based on their skills, aptitude and future opportunities.

The most appropriate time to provide Career Counseling to a child is 8th grade. A student at this stage generally goes through many changes in life, both physical and emotional where he is trying to find a way to assimilate with peers and into the society.

It is recommended for parents to have few sessions with professional career advisor that will help them in understanding their child’s passion and capabilities better, and thus reassure them to support their career choice with confidence.

Benefits of Career Counseling 

It provides support and motivation to students

It helps to Determine Strengths and Weaknesses of a candidate.

It identifies career choices according to student interest.

It provides Educational Support and Guidance.

It supports in setting goals for better employment Results.

Studying abroad is a lifetime experience. As a student, you will learn how to manage yourself independently and deal with unexpected situations. You will absorb new cultures and explore different historic and tourist places.

You will also get a chance to brush up your language skills and socialize at a different level. It increases your global employment opportunities, as employers prefer foreign graduates.


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  • Education counseling
  • Undergraduate admission
  • Postgraduate admission
  • Doctorate admission
  • Career abroad
  • Student profiling
  • Financial estimation
  • Standard test
  • University selection
  • Course selection
  • Financial aid and Scholarship
  • Document verification
  • Application review and submission
  • Interview preparation
  • Visa assistance
  • Visa processing
  • Helping with resume and personal statement
  • Student health cover
  • Travel insurance
  • Flight booking
  • Pre departure briefing
  • Post arrival assistance
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Value added services


Education Fort Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

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